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  • Comprehensive initial assessment

  • Gross motor skill development groups

  • Hydrotherapy

  • SDR rehabilitation

  • Sports massage

  • Virtual appointments

  • Equipment assessment and setup treatment

  • Tailored to each individual

  • EHCP reports

  • DM orthotics certified

  • Supporting charity applications

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Comprehensive initial assessment and advice

We offer a 15-minute free telephone consultation where we can discuss the individual needs of each client and answer any questions you may have.

Dependent on the need identified a typical initial assessment for a musculoskeletal (MSK) condition will consist of a 45-minute assessment followed by 15 minutes debrief with follow-up advice and recommendations.

A neurodevelopmental assessment will consist of a 60-minute initial assessment followed by 15 minutes debrief with follow-up advice and recommendations

If follow-up sessions are recommended and if you wish to proceed these reviews can be booked as individual appointments or as a block for a discounted price.

Please contact us for further information via our enquiry form or phone us on the above number


Paediatric aquatic therapy is a great alternative to land based therapy to help children improve strength, range of motion/flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, and walking goals. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce human body weight and allows children to move in ways they simply can't on land.

It is both a fun and relaxing way to complete exercises in warm water.

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Physio equipment to aid walking

Equipment assessment and set-up

We are happy to support each child with their individual equipment needs whether that be initial assessment, setup or equipment provision.

We can also provide additional support for appointments such as wheelchair services.

EHCP reports

An education health and care plan is a legal document that described a child or young person’s special educational needs. The document has to list all of the young person's special educational needs, and provisions to meet each of the needs, and that provision has to be specific, detailed, and quantified.


As a physiotherapist, we can provide detailed reports to support the application process. Please contact us for further information about this.

Volunteer Using Sign Language

Supporting charity applications

We are happy to support you in applying for charitable funding from local and national charities for equipment based on the individual needs of each client.

Tree of Hope

Boparan Charitable Trust

Family Fund

Variety Children's Charity


Sunny Days Fund

Make a Wish Group


DM Orthotics certified 

DM Orthotics are specifically designed for the management of the physical effects of neurological, genetic, and musculoskeletal conditions. The compression fabric which is soft, flexible, and strong helps to realign the body and influence both muscle tone and the proprioceptive system.

 Benefits can include:

  • Improved posture

  • Pain relief

  • Patient comfort

  • Improved movement control

  • Decreased associated reactions

  • Enhanced function

Please contact us for further

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Physical Therapy Session

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) 

A pre-operative programme should be in place prior to the surgical procedure. All young people should be taught a stretching and strengthening programme.

A pre-operative assessment may include:

  • A baseline of functional abilities

  • Physical examination

  • Measurement of spasticity

  • Current aid and orthoses

  • Identification of possible additional equipment needed

  • Standardised outcome measure

Post-surgery may include:

  • Continuation of stretching and strengthening exercises

  • Help correct patterns of movement

  • Advise on how to isolate and work lower limbs in isolation and through alignment

  • Facilitate and correct movement through transitions

  • Encouragement and support in activities such as riding a bike, swimming, and horse riding.

 Gross motor skill development groups

Working on developing your child's gross development skills to allow for the greatest start in life

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Sports Injury

Sports massage.

Supporting young people over the age of 12 to overcome strain or injury commonly brought on in sports, we are trained to manage the full array of treatments needed, including sports massage, and aromatherapy massage, and are able to offer deep muscle treatment using a high-frequency massage gun.

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