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Specialist Physiotherapists in Solent

Experts in Paediatrics and Neurological Conditions

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Children's Hydrotherapy Hampshire


Welcome to Sharc, we are an independent physiotherapy service specialising in the treatment of children from birth to 18 years.

We provide high-quality, expert assessment and fun treatment in all areas of paediatric neurology for any child who is experiencing difficulties with movement, posture, or physical development.

A Hampshire-wide service is available allowing children to be seen in the comfort of their own homes, educational setting, or specified space.


As mums, we both know that every child is unique and we want all our children to achieve their individual potential. So when we initially assess your child we are looking to find what motivates them, learning from their personality, comfort level, and preferences. This will help us identify the problem (for example, muscle weakness,  tone abnormalities, sensory components, etc).

We can assess your Child's motor development and advise activities that will help them to progress their motor skills whether your child is mildly delayed or has a diagnosed condition,

we understand the value of time for families to listen to feel valued and be able to understand and offer individualised assessments for your child.

Children's Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Solent
Physiotherapy Session
“Louise supported us through diagnosis and gave great advice and support, we are in a much better place as a family and E is physically doing much better now!”

E. Roswell

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